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New branch in Loanhead

New branch in Loanhead


On Monday the 7th of March 2016, Pentland Component Parts Ltd opened a new branch in Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead to the south of Edinburgh.
At 7,500 square feet the branch is well stocked with premium quality parts, tools, oils and consumables and is geared up to supplying garages and the public in the Midlothian area.
Branch details as follows:

Loanhead Branch
Pentland Component Parts Ltd
18/2A Dryden Road,
Bilston Glen Industrial Estate,
Loanhead, Edinburgh,
EH20 9LZ
Tel: 0131 573 0000

opening hours: 
8am – 5.30pm Monday - Friday 
8.30am – 1pm Saturdays
Closed on Sundays


Not far from Ikea and Costco, you can find a map  to the branch here.




From 2015, the European Commission and the European Parliament plan to introduce eCall, the mandatory European 112-based emergency call system. eCall must be fitted to all new models of cars and light vehicles. The goal is to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries in road traffic accidents.
This issue is crucial for the automotive aftermarket as well: the mandatory introduction of eCall is likely to bring the underlying telematics technology into every newly type-approved passenger car. eCall in fact introduces an in-vehicle system that provides advanced vehicle telematics functions (same basic hardware and software components) that can also be used for other in-vehicle functions (consumer leisure services, but also remote diagnostics or predictive car maintenance…).
However, currently this new in-vehicle system is only accessible by vehicle manufacturers, who are therefore the only ones able to offer additional services to consumers.
FIGIEFA, the European lobbying group which protects the interests of the automotive aftermarket and it's consumers, is concerned about the threat for fair competition for consumers’ freedom of choice if no dedicated European legislation was adopted.



Mandatory automated vehicle emergency call system – "eCall" – to be launched in 2017 across the EU

Mandatory automated vehicle emergency call system – "eCall" – to be launched in 2017 across the EU


The Council of the European Union has ratified a decision to introduce a mandatory EU wide system to handle emergency calls, called eCall. Calls are sent automatically by cars, or can be triggered manually by vehicle passengers, in the event of a crash.

This final approval of the legislation follows an agreement which was attained at the first reading within the European Parliament. A campaign designed to promote awareness of eCall, which will be supported by the Commission, will launch before the introduction of the system. This will also explain how to use the system and how to avoid false alarms. Additionally, it will outline measures incorporated for data protection.

Originally intended to launch in 2015, Member states must now have the infrastructure to handle eCalls in place a minimum of 6 months before the type approval requirements for the in vehicle devices start to apply, and in any case no later than October 1st, 2017.

Please see here for more information.


Audi dealer backs down on warranty denial

Audi dealer backs down on warranty denial

Referred to the IAAF by Groupauto’s Autocare Garage network manager, Maria McCollough, Audi A3 owner Mark Doyle had been horrified to be told by VAG dealer Liverpool Audi that a timing belt problem would not be covered by the warranty because of the fitment of "a non-Audi oil filter"...




Aimed at providing motorists with a variety of automotive tools, car care products and consumables, the store uses a modern, fast and secure shopping cart system and payments are made through PayPal.
All products are priced including VAT and orders over a value of £20 enjoy free of charge shipping.
To browse the shop, please visit
Vehicle-specific parts enquiries will still be handled by trained Parts Advisors - the majority of whom are long-serving, experienced people in the Pentland team.
To enquire about parts, please:
- Complete a parts enquiry 
- Contact us by E-mail 
- Call us on 0131 656 9900
As of launch the online store contain 681 products in the categories listed below.
However, many more products and categories will be added soon and some will include non-vehicle specific parts such as universal wiper blades.
• Air Fresheners
- California Scents
- Little Trees
- Bulb Kits
- Long Life
- Upgrade and performance bulbs
 Car Aerials
 Car Cleaning
- Autoglym
. Motorist
. Trade Use
- Cloths, sponges, mitts & chamois
 Car Mats
 Chargers & Booster Packs
 In Car Power
 Jump Leads
- Handlamps & Torches
- Replacement Lamps
 Relays & Cable
 Replacement Horns
- Bit Sets
- Brake Tools
- Clutch Tools
- Consumables
- Electrical
- Engine
- Engine Timing Tools
- Feeler Gauges
- Fluid
- Fluid Transfer
- Fuel Tools
- General Hand Tools
- Grips
- Hex Keys
- Impact Drivers
- Lambda Tools
- Lifting Equipment
- Lighting
- Lubrication
- Oil Drain
- Oil Filter Removal
- Panel Repair
- Pliers
- Punches
- Ratchets
- Rollcabs & Chests
- Screw & Stud Extractors
- Screwdrivers
- Socketry
- Soldering
- Spanners
- Specialist Tools
- Steering & Suspension
- Tap & Die
- Torque Wrenches
- Wheel & Tyre
- Windscreen
- Wiper Arm Removal
- Wire Brushes
 Touring & Caravan
- Towing
 Travel Kits
 Wheel Trims
- 13" Wheel trims
- 14" Wheel trims
- 15" Wheel trims
- 16" Wheel trims